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Talent builds culture. When you lead with your values, you protect and build lasting relationships. We work together with values-driven companies to hit every expectation you need to create a successful team.

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The Wisdom of Experience

With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve connected people with where they match best. Our dedicated team of experts makes sure you get connected.

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Understanding comes before advice. We take the time to get to know you and your priorities.

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Career matchmaking makes a huge difference in happiness. We match what matters to you with people we already know in the local market.

TRP Employees
20+ years of experience

With our industry knowledge and network of talented professionals, we connect you to the perfect opportunity at the right time. 


Why you should choose TRP

Lean on us to pay attention to details, notice red flags and opportunities that only an expert can see. We invest time into making sure each hiring company and candidate are the best match by listening to both sides at each step.


We do the right thing

We are deeply invested in our partners. We're passionate about people, and we have an established track record of dynamic, lasting connections that help both clients and candidates grow and succeed.


We lead with our values

Our passion is people. For our candidates, we look beyond the resume to know who you are and where you want your career to go.


We are transparent
with each other

An open and honest environment creates space for opportunity. We stay transparent throughout the process to help you make confident decisions.


We are local

Talent Recruiting Partners is headquartered in Birmingham with close local relationships across industries in our area.


Building Teams in Birmingham

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Change your salary, community, and company culture. Get exclusive access to opportunities that match your passions, goals and career requirements. Includes a free consultation on your resume, the current job market and opportunities for increasing your salary, benefits and day to day updates.

TRP Employees

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Advice and

If you still have questions, we have a wealth of knowledge and insight to help you get connected so we can help connect to your new team or company hiring across Alabama.

The TRP Team: Introducing, Caroline!

Caroline is our Accounting and Finance Talent Specialist. We asked Caroline to tell us a little bit about herself.


Employee mentorship is an essential part of management and professional growth. But how do you efficiently conduct your mentorships when your employees are (physically) further away than ever?