Talent Recruiting Partners (Direct Hire)

Direct Hire

Talent Recruiting Partners (TRP) direct hire is passionate about connecting the best talent to the best employers. 

For our clients, our Talent Specialists go way beyond recruiting and placement. They serve our clients as consultants, trusted advisors and their brand representative in the marketplace. We are committed to understanding your company and finding talent that aligns with your core values.

For our candidates, we look beyond the resume to see who you are and where you want your career to go. We look for candidates that bring a broad range of skills, ongoing commitment to growth and genuine enthusiasm to their job.

We are deeply invested in our partners, we’re passionate about people and we have an established track record of dynamic, lasting connections that help both clients and candidates grow and succeed.


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TRP Employees

Our Core Values

What we at Talent Recruiting Partners believe above all else.

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    Have fun.

    Our job is full of opportunities! We are passionate about having fun at work, and building a culture of possibility through it.

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    Treat others as you want to be treated.

    We treat our clients like we treat our own team. We strive for a true partnership both inside and outside of the office.

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    Do the right thing.

    We believe in leading through integrity. Recruitment and job placement comes with a variety of challenges and decisions along the way. Our connections are built on this establishment of trust and integrity, by always doing what is right! 

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    Help cultivate a culture of respect, trust and care.

    Our culture is founded on Respect, Trust, and Care. Through transparency, communication, and ongoing development, our team is better able to serve each other, our candidates and clients.

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    Work hard, make money.

    We believe that hard work should pay off. We offer competitive compensation plans and plenty of perks to go around, invest in us and we invest in you!