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We are in unprecedented times as a work force but thankfully our ability to quickly transition to remote access work in today’s day of technology, our geographic boundaries are hardly a restriction for doing business almost anywhere at any time. For those that will be joining the telecommuting workforce we’ve put together a list of potential benefits to expect once you’ve made the move:

1. Time Management & Productivity

Working from home can often give employees the valuable gift of time at their desks that would otherwise be spent on the commute! Having an office that is in the same place you live means having the opportunity to log on and get working at almost any time and catering to when you are most productive in your day.

2. Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance is often at the top of the lists of what employees look for in a job. Having the ability to work remotely allows for other life priorities to be more easily balanced. Children out of school and near by, while we work, pets enjoying the extra time and attention, groceries and other essentials being delivered, quick errands or appointments that can be fit into to the work days are all some of the perks of this new type of work-life balance

3. A Space Curated Just For You

Office spaces have been evolving and attempting to find that perfect balance of “open-concept” while providing enough privacy to get the job done for years. By working remotely, you have the option to create a space that works for you! Whether you need a private, windowless room in the basement, or spread out across the kitchen table, you have the options to make your work space just the way you like it!”