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The perks and advantages of shifting your team to the remote world are ample, but to do so successfully, there needs to be a shift in management styles. Offering support from afar isn’t always the simplest way to manage a team. Today, we’re getting the conversation of remote management started with a few pointers on effective ways to motivate your remote employees!

1. Provide Live Updates
Whether this is an interactive chart of sales goals, or some way to communicate information in real time, having a way to provide live updates helps to keep the connection while not being in the same physical space. Giving employees something to look at and contribute to is a valuable tool for keeping the team on track.

2. Video Chats
Video calls are not quite the same as a face-to-face, but they are much better than a simple phone call or a message on your corporate communication app. Putting your face in front of your team helps to keep the human aspect of your job alive, while also allowing them to feel seen and heard, without leaving their home offices.

3. Provide Multiple Ways for Communication
Not all remote work was created equal. The same goes for the workers themselves. Find out how your individuals communicate best, and be sure to give precise detailing on tasks for them to refer back to. This could mean offering calls, alongside emails and a calendar with assigned tasks. Having more than one avenue to access this information, while providing room for Q & A can be valuable and lead to higher productivity in the long run.