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Employee mentorship is an essential part of management and professional growth. But how do you efficiently conduct your mentorships when your employees are (physically) further away than ever? We’ve put together a few tips and best practices for remote mentorship to keep the lines of communication open, and the growth steady.

1. Structure your meetings up front Prior to any one-on-ones or coaching meetings with your employees, send an outline of what they can expect! While this is a best practice for any meeting, this especially cuts out the “digital formalities” and cuts straight to the heart of what matters. Remote work is all about saving time and offering convenience. Lean into that!

2. Offer multiple ways to communicate While streamlining communication is key, offering more than one option caters to multiple communication styles, and cuts back on the inconvenience of varying time zones. This also gives employees the option to contact at any time, and creates a sense of a virtual open-door policy.

3. Be open to feedback and possible changes Working remotely means having the agility to take on change at any time! Listen to any pain-points that your employees are having. Stay constantly up to date with your technology, and be open to newer options to make your team more efficient. Providing for them on your end can lead to more growth, without directly being a traditional mentorship practice.