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Effective Goal-Setting Strategies

Effective Goal-Setting Strategies

It’s easy to get tunnel-visioned into setting goals that only affect your bottom line. Setting benchmark sales goals or modifying labor demand curves can take up most of your efforts when setting your team’s goals. While those practices certainly have their place, we’d suggest taking a step back, and re-evaluating how you view your goal setting strategies!

1. Remember Your Core Values
Never lose sight of why you started! When you actively practice your values in your day-to-day operations, you are setting yourself and your team, up for what you have already defined as success!

2. Constantly Re-Evaluate Your Team’s Strengths
No one has a team quite like yours! From one project to the next, one team member may be the best for a job over the other. Pushing your employees to meet their potential is part of the job. Never be afraid to incorporate that into your goals.

3. Listen to Employee Feedback
Your employees are on the “front lines”. Who understands what is best for them more than they do? Opening the door to feedback can bring a diverse and unique set of strategies and viewpoints to the same situation. Taking time to incorporate that into your goal-setting practices can lead to realistic goals, while also setting your team up for success.